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New Army Cost Management (ACM) Portal

Mr. Stephen G. Barth
DASA-Cost & Economics

Historically, the Army managed its finances around the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution processes with little emphasis on cost management; hence the “budget culture” paradigm that existed for many years. With the implementation of Army Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) Systems including the General Funds Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), Army resource and operational professionals and leaders have greater capabilities to integrate cost and performance information into all Army End-To-End business processes. These ERPs provide leaders at all levels the information they need to make resource-informed decisions.

We understand that moving toward full implementation of Cost Management is an evolutionary process and that resource and operational managers Army-wide need guidance.

Our response was to upgrade the Cost & Performance Portal (CPP) to the new Army Cost Management (ACM) Portal. This new Portal is the “Army’s Home for Cost Management”, integrating all Army cost management knowledge, metrics and applications in one site:
  • Knowledge Center (CMKC): provides guidance, links and documents with information on cost management and cost benefit analysis, including training and costing tools.
  • Metrics: displays metrics and reports for Army Cost Management, GFEBS Validation, MPA and IMCOM Installations and Services, including Standard Service Costing.
  • Apps: provides access to and information on the CBA and CRB Workflow tools, Capabilities Knowledge Base and the Army Cost Model Requirements Tracker.
Our main goals for the new ACM Portal are: 1) To be current and informative; 2) Provide a superior user experience; and 3) To become the central cost management resource for Army organizations world-wide.
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